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Phone screens get scratched due to the wear and tear that comes with constant use. Nothing is as annoying as seeing scratches all over your phone’s glass screen. It makes your phone look much older even if you bought it barely weeks ago. 

Taking good care of your phone, using screen protectors, and cleaning your phone will help to keep your phone glass smooth. This applies to any type of phone including Apple iPhones, Samsung, and Android phones. 

So, what can you do to remove these irregularities from your phone glass? Here I give you crucial pointers on how to make phone glass smooth.

How Do I Make My Phone Screen Smoother? 

Scratched phone screen from keys

Sometimes, the culprit behind your phone’s rough texture isn’t as deep-set as you may assume. Several instances can leave your phone glass sticky, rough and uneven. Here are some tips on how to make the phone glass smooth again.

Clean It

Cleaning your phone can make it smoother. How long has it been since you last thoroughly cleaned your phone glass? Probably too long. Here are reliable tips on how to clean your phone screen.

  1. Remove the phone case, wired earphones, charger, or other wiring on the phone
  2. Prepare warm soapy water or find disinfectant wipes with 70% alcohol
  3. Avoid submerging your phone in any fluids. If water gets into the charging compartments or ports, your phone will get damage
  4. If using soapy water, dip a microfiber/soft/linen cloth into the water, hold the sides of your phone and slowly wipe the surface of your phone screen
  5. Repeat the process at least twice, cleaning off smudges on the phone surface
  6. Leave your phone in a safe place and let it air dry. 
  7. Lightly wipe your phone cover/case too before putting it back on your phone
Polishing a phone screen with a drill

Clean your hands before beginning the cleaning process to avoid transferring oil and dirt from your hands to the phone screen.

Apply Tempered Glass

The damage on your phone screen is often too extensive, and nothing can be done to clear the scratch marks completely. There is no need to throw away your phone if it’s still in optimum condition. Your next best option to make phone glass smooth again is to apply tempered glass.

Tempered glass is a thin glass covering that sticks to your phone screen to protect it. Should your phone fall, experience friction, or get dirty, the tempered glass takes all the damage instead of the actual phone screen.

Dirty screen protector

Tempered glass protectors are strong, durable, and feel super smooth to the touch. They come in a variety of colors and styles. Some even have anti-glare and privacy features.

The best thing about getting a tempered glass protector for your phone screen is that it does not alter image quality, display colors, sharpness, or the overall usability of your phone. 

How Do I Make My Phone Screen Slicker? 

Some experienced users use instant adhesive to cover scratches and smooth their phone screens. If you prefer to use this method to make your phone screen slicker, you must ensure that the instant adhesive spreads evenly on the surface of your phone screen.

You must also ensure that none of the adhesives pours into openings like the charger or earphone ports because then your phone will be rendered useless or damaged.

If you are unsure how to do it yourself, feel free to visit a phone shop to get professional assistance and further insight into other ideal options to get your phone screen slicker.

How to remove scrathes from phone

How Do I Make My Mobile Screen Smooth for Gaming? 

You can make your mobile screen smooth for gaming by reducing the friction on your phone screen using a protective phone casing, drying your fingerprints before touching it, and using the right screen protector. 

Gaming demands the best phone screen quality and specifications. You can barely play the game without a crisp, clean or clear screen as visibility is affected. Every gamer is unwilling to compromise on the visibility of their phone screen.

While you cannot buy a new phone with a new screen every other day, you must explore other innovative options to guarantee a pleasant gaming experience.

These options include;

Reducing Friction

Prolonged phone use and handling mean that your phone will experience friction-inducing activities. The simple act of slipping your phone into your pocket where you also keep your house/car keys means that the constant rubbing will leave some marks on the surface of your phone, including the screen. 

How can you reduce friction on your phone screen?

By Using a Protective Phone Casing

When your phone has a case, it’s safe to say that it’s safe from all external forces that may prove damaging to your phone’s surface.

By Drying Your Fingertips

While gaming, you may feel that the surface of your phone is incredibly rough. But upon checking your phone screen, everything seems ok. But have you looked at your hands? 

Reducing friction on your phone screen is as easy as cleaning and drying your hands, especially your thumbs, which you mainly use for gaming.

Use a damp towel or cloth to rub on your fingertips.  After that, apply light baby powder, talcum powder, or flour on your thumbs and phone screen to make phone use and the screen smoother.

Finding the Right Screen Protector

There are countless designs, materials, and options for screen protectors. Some options here work better than others. It’s not enough to say that tempered glass protectors will instantly make your phone screen smooth. Why? Because there are several varieties of tempered glass protectors too.

Finding the right screen protector for gaming is an instant solution to getting your phone screen smooth again.

The best screen protector options for mobile phone gaming include;

  • Privacy Filters
  • Matte / Anti-glare
  • Paper-like protectors
  • Pure Protection
  • Mirrored Screens
Screen protector for phone

Note that some phones do not require screen protectors. They come with inbuilt screen protective features. If you put a screen protector on such a phone, you will have a less rewarding gaming experience due to limited use and phone visibility. It’s, therefore, essential to know the specifics of your phone before considering using a screen protector.

How Do I Make My Screen Protector Smooth?

Contrary to what many assume, your screen protector needs maintenance too. To make sure you have a pleasant time operating your phone, you want a solution that gets your screen protector smooth and fast. 

Here, soap and water don’t cut it; it takes too long!

Your next ideal option is to use screen cleaner wipes. Unlike typical wet wipes, screen cleaner wipes are explicitly manufactured for screen protector cleaning. They have the right concentration of alcohol and will get the job done quickly.

Final Thoughts – How To Make Phone Glass Smooth?

Modern phone screens are super sensitive to the touch. Keeping your hands clean and using screen protectors will help maintain the usability of your phone while simultaneously keeping your phone screen smooth. Want to know how to make phone glass smooth? Above are helpful tips to help you do just that.

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